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Sailor’s Experience- Life at Sea

Hello! Welcome to the “Life at Sea” section of Here, you’ll find the sea experience of sailors. I think, we all are on the same page in admitting that Life at Sea is not easy. The Ship and her crew are at the mercy of sea. As we all must have noticed in the movie Titanic, a lot of crew members were required to maintain the ship (More crew members are required in cruise ships). However due to increased automation, Modern Cargo Ships only have around 16-25 crew members depending on the type of ship and cargo. The Seafarers are trained to be self-sufficient as there will be no other helping hand in the middle of sea during emergency. A Seafarer is a medic, fire-fighter, etc. Life at Sea can be lonely. Working through a hectic schedule, away from families and limited social exposure aggravates the situation. Just Imagine, you are tired after the day’s work on a ship. You come to your cabin onboard for some rest but can’t sleep due to rolling and pitching. The next day’s work is waiting for you no matter what.

But, it’s not all thorns. Mother Nature acknowledges the hard work of seafarers and shows them some best of sceneries. These sceneries include awesome sunsets over the sea, elegant seas and many more. Hoping the experiences below will help you in your professional career. All the best. 😊

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