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MMD is the Merchantile Marine Department. It deals with the certification of seafarers. This webpage contains relevant study materials for various exams.

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  • Many People say that the Indian CoC is the strongest CoC in the world. Putting things on an average, Indian CoC is one of the most powerful CoC in the world, if not the most powerful. What makes its powerful is neither money nor fame, rather the amount of effort required to achieve it. Let’s take some pride and get it done.
  • We have tried our best to make this webpage a comprehensive guide to assist you in MMD Exams. First, you will find study material relevant for all Exams. Second, you will find specific study materials for particular MMD Exams. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop a message in the box below. Thank You and All The Very Best!
  • We are grateful to Akshay Pradhan Sir, Dexter Jr. Sir, Baldev Raj Kapoor Sir, Abhiram Nair Sir for the notes.
  • If you have some study material, please help the mariners community by sharing it with us.

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