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Placement Process

The process of placement begins with the company giving a notification to the Institute about their itinerary. Generally, the placement cell of the institute gives a notification of the arrival of various companies to the cadets. Cadets are asked to volunteer for the company. Then the eligible cadets appear for Psychometric Test (or PI & LI). Based on scores, the company shortlists the cadets eligible to appear for the interview. Meanwhile, some companies, like Chevron, may ask the cadets to submit CV. Shortlisted cadets appear for the interview on the prescribed date and then wait for the final results. However, if one applies for off-campus placement, the overall procedure remains same(depends on the company).

CV Preparation

During campus placements, few companies ask for CV. While for off-campus placements, a good CV is a must.

Your CV/Resume represents you in the company. It speaks about your talent, accomplishments, professional usefulness, etc. So, Yes, Your CV is your first impression.  

Let’s build one. 

Follow the template(if any) prescribed by the training institute/company. Else, choose any standard template from Canva

Organize all the information you want to put in the CV. You should only add relevant information, that actually matters for merchant navy profession in your CV.

  • Mention relevant information only
  • Use readable fonts
  • Use subheadings
  • Do mention about STCW Courses, your academic performance, & achievements
  • Use standard words(it will increase the chances of short-listing if done by AI)
  • Keep it up to a maximum of 2 pages
  • Avoid grammatical errors
  • Avoid providing false information
  • Don’t copy someone’s CV
  • Avoid using fancy fonts

We hope this will help you in building your CV.


Remember, CV is your first Impression

Interview Questions

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