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Here are some Torm Interview Questions asked to cadets.


  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why did you join Merchant Navy?
  3. Did you appear for NDA?
  4. Why did you choose marine engineering specifically?
  5. Which is your favorite place in Lucknow(*your hometown*)?
  6. What all things did you do in this lockdown?
  7. What all have you overhauled in college or somewhere else?
  8. Tell me something about welding. (Study about the topic- ‘Welding”)
  9. Draw the PV diagram of an air compressor.
  10. Questions related to intercooler and aftercooler.
  11. Draw the PV diagram of the otto cycle
  12. What do you know about Torm?



1) How are you?

2) Tell us something about your family?

3) {Specific question to me on my answer} – You have a marine-related background and your upbringing might have been a little easier as compared to the requirements of the job. What are your thoughts?

4) We see. Was forces never an option? Why didn’t you pursue regular engineering?

5) Why only Marine Engineering? Why not Deck?

6) Do you think you will be able to cope with the pressure onboard? Are you prepared for life at sea?


7) What is your favorite subject? ( I said MAM)

8) What is lubrication?

9) What are the types of lubrications?

10) Give examples of each type.

11) Why can’t you use Hydro-static lubrication for gears? Why is Elasto-hydrodynamic necessary?

CV related Questions

12) What is this mentioned here about your achievement? You have played these sports?

13) Why did you play this game?

14) Inquired about every listed achievement in brief.

15) How many languages can you speak?

16) Please say something in {one of the languages I said I could speak, except English and Hindi}

17) You have been an appointment continuously. Your batch-mates must be very jealous. Thoughts?

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